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2020-12-17 |

In 1991, the Iron Curtain was coming down. The Soviet Union was in collapse and Eastern Europe was entering an era of sweeping change. At the invitation of 28-year-old Mark Shaner, six Florida teens undertook a student exchange trip to Siberia, utterly unaware of what awaited them there.

To Russia with God's Love recounts the astonishing impact that this handful of young Americans--and more importantly their faith in Jesus Christ--would have on a country emerging from 70 years of enforced atheism. The unassuming students found themselves welcomed as celebrities to a city that had once anchored the USSR's atomic weapons industry.

The Cold War would not end, as many feared, in a nuclear holocaust. Instead, Russia was about to experience a fresh encounter with the Prince of Peace.

"As a Jesus-centered man of faith, Mark Shaner's approach to life is 'Why not?' These pages will challenge you to be a risk-taker for God. You, too, may find yourself asking the question, 'Why not?'"
Andy Stephenson, Director of international student ministry.

Dave co-authored this book with his friend Mark Shaner. You can order the soft cover or Kindle version on You may also contact Mark.

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