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2020-07-06 | Colombia, drug war, prison, Medellin

The Bellavista National Jail in Medellin, Colombia, was exploding with violence. Inmates and correction officers were dying by the score inside its walls. "At times, the monthly body count climbed as high as 50. Criminologists labeled Bellavista as the deadliest prison in the deadliest country in the Western world.”

    The Lord of Bellavista chronicles a tide-change in one of the darkest places on earth, a transformation that eventually spread to other prisons of Colombia, South America. Sicarios, contract killers working for drug cartels, and hardened terrorists became passionate evangelists for the Lord Jesus.

….This book “tells of the profound impact of the love of Jesus Christ,” writes Chuck Waggoner, a veteran police officer from the U.S. “The dramatic story of that love will bring joy to the hearts of jail ministers and criminal justice professionals, just as it brought joy to hundreds of convicted felons in Colombia.”

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